April… is it spring ? May… is it spring?

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Currently back on the coast, sketching with water color pencils, after another long trip to the desert where I was supervising the mosaics created for the Historic Plaza in 29 Palms at Two Mile Road. This was an amazing experience with much help from all the participants. I would like to say, WOW!!! What a week!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you Richard Gray, Dana Bowden, Leonard Cox, Michelle Mark, Olive Toscani, Mayah Martin, Lenore Fromm for volunteering their time and designs or energies.  Also thank you to Lenore Fromm and Christine Hartman for breaking and smashing tile in preparation. This really was a tremendous amount of work!!! It clearly shows to me what can be accomplished with dedicated folks!!! Thank you to Lisa Bookstein at Heath Ceramics for donating copious amounts of gorgeous tiles to this worthy project. Thank you to Action 29, Keri Waldrop and Ray Kinsman who had the vision and insight to bring beauty and culture to the public eye in 29 Palms. A special thank you to Dana Bowden of Bowden Frame Shop, for always seeing the bright side of things and for all her time and work on this project. Thank you to Mita Barter and the Morongo Basin Cultural Arts Council for providing leads and names of mosaic artists.20110526-112603.jpg

Another new sketch of a painted coyote melon…20110526-112653.jpg

Then there is tending to the new seven chickens at Arugula Farms… we almost lost one the other day as I did not latch the door correctly… they ALL got out and had to be rounded up…except ONE, who apparently flew over the fence and ended up at the neighbor. Our neighbor then walked up our driveway and said, “Did you lose something”?


While in the desert I saw this amazing yucca in full bloom on Geology Tour Road in Joshua Tree Natl. Park.


One of my mosaic compositions for the HIstoric Plaza in 29 Palms… to see the rest lØØk here

Now working on this piece below called “Back to Work on Compassion”


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