April… is it spring ? May… is it spring?

Currently back on the coast, sketching with water color pencils, after another long trip to the desert where I was supervising the mosaics created for the Historic Plaza in 29 Palms at Two Mile Road. This was an amazing experience with much help from all the participants. I would like to say, WOW!!! What a … Continue reading April… is it spring ? May… is it spring?

Chris & Don a Love Story

We just saw the film "Chris & Don a Love Story" at the Santa Barbara LGBTQ Film Festival. Very excellent film. Don Bachardy was at the showing in SB and spoke afterwards and took questions. Amazing to hear this man tell his story of love and art. When I got home I did some research … Continue reading Chris & Don a Love Story

Tibetan Thangka Painting

A wedding gift from Joseph and Larry in Sonoma.The thangka is from one of the six largest of the monasteries of the Gelukpa sect - the sect of the Dalai Lama. Manjushri:Manjushri (Tibetan: jam pal yang. English: The Glorious One with a Melodious Voice).The bodhisattva that represents the wisdom of all the buddhas of the … Continue reading Tibetan Thangka Painting

3 new works for Santa Barbara Arts 1st tHuRsDaY july 3rd

New works are gicleé photographs printed on canvas. Printed by the infamous David Fick in Joshua Tree. Some of the works were manipulated before printing and all were lavished with acrylics and pastels. This is a real departure and fusion evolving and merging mediums. These images were first captured on the Wilcox property on the … Continue reading 3 new works for Santa Barbara Arts 1st tHuRsDaY july 3rd

New work in progress for July show at Santa Barbara Arts.

One of the pieces I'm showing as featured artist at Santa Barbara Arts. 30x30 gicleé on canvas with acrylics and pastels. Available for purchase. Click to ENLARGE

Exhibit in 29 Palms

I believe that pictures do say a lot more than words but I would like to say a few things regarding my recent show in 29 Palms. First of all a BIG thank you to Gretchen for being such a fabulous gallery hostess. Had the walls painted magenta and orange before I even got into … Continue reading Exhibit in 29 Palms