New ©lÅ¥ and a new pØstcard arrives…

Slip casting in the desert is not without it’s challenges. The Buddha fountain is keeping the porcelain drying at a bit slower pace… this is a good thing. Preparing for Hwy 62 Art Tours… cranking the creative wheel… here is a preview… ENJOY

New slip cast creations

Photographs and mosaics and pottery will be exhibited at tenth annual, Hwy 62 Art Tours in the high desert. These are some new slip cast creations I have been working on. Hope to see you in October.

April… is it spring ? May… is it spring?

Currently back on the coast, sketching with water color pencils, after another long trip to the desert where I was supervising the mosaics created for the Historic Plaza in 29 Palms at Two Mile Road. This was an amazing experience with much help from all the participants. I would like to say, WOW!!! What a…

New Buddhas and Bowls

This weekends kiln, full of buddhas and bowls. The buddhas will be going into future mosaics.

Sea Goddess

The Sea Goddess is finally finished. Happy in her repose. This mosaic was made using ceramic pieces by potter, Mayah Martin (the face, foot and hands and ear) and very small bird and seahorse tiles by were created by Perry. She is 36″x18″.

Goddess Mosaic Evolving

Now with the tile pieces adhered… The face, hands and foot were created by Mayah Martin of Joshua Tree. My hands and feet are almost ready to FIRE.

From the Lover’s Hand series…

This is a clay hand I made from a casting and then reworking with my own hands. Soon to be fired and glazed as I gather the work for new a kiln load.