¿ wHat hÅpPEneD in mÅ®©h ?

It’s a LONG story… Created a mosaic shower and sink counter in Joshua Tree at the Harrison House… was in the high desert for 6 weeks… watched the Verdins build their nest outside my window… conducted a mosaic workshop in wØnder valley and met with folks in 29 Palms to discuss the mosaic sidewalk in the historic plaza project. Currently, Heath Ceramics has been kind enough to donate tile to the project and wonderful friends delivered the donation to wØnder valley. Then took down my show at the 29 Palms Art Gallery, packed it up and took it to Metro Galleries for first Friday in Bakersfield! Doug built a studio space for me in Santa Barbara and soon the sheet rock will be up… we can then build the chicken coop for the SEVEN baby chicks and move them out of my new studio and then Doug will be finishing his studio space and commence amazing furniture creations.
The last two days we embarked on a drive through the Carrizo Plain National Monument and were blessed to see wildflowers and blue skies with puƒƒy white clouds dancing along the horizon line of oaks and devils lettuce. This was a heavenly road trip which kept our eyes wide with wOnder. More pictures will be on flickR soon as I get them uploaded from my camera… below are a few iPhone pictures of Carrizo Plains and Seven Mile Road which will take you there.




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