Hooded Orioles have built a nest.

Every day the Hooded Orioles come round as she builds the nest and drinks the nectar from the Giant Bird of Paradise. It’s been a joy watching them and a challenge to get a photograph as they are quite shy and fly off if they see you. All images ©2o18 perry hoffman All images available…

Hooded Oriole

This bird has been visiting my garden every year. A delight to see each spring on the central coast of California


It’s not easy being the best dog on the planet. Everyone will tell you that their dog was that ONE. However when you have one, you and everyone else knows it. A dog with a smile and a willingness to keep going… even at 18. We are sad but we know she had the best…

End of the year…2o17

2o18 is on the rise… moving forward with love and peace in our hearts and gratitude for all sentient beings. If you’d like to follow my photographic endeavors, one can find me, magentaraven on instagram. PEACE 🙏🌞💎All images ©2o17 Perry Hoffman.