Roses and Irises

Our garden is bursting forth with the most amazing roses and irises. Enjoy.

Opening reception

The last several months have been jam packed with many new adventures and friends. A show at White Cap in Anchor Bay and the opening is this Friday. New chickens, red winged blackbirds are back and garden planted with lots of new veggies. Click to see more images.

Ross Creek and Cooks Beach

A glorious day after so much non stop rain, trees down, power outages and mud slides. The coastline has been rearranged in California, so many places more devastated than others, however changed.

Harbor Seals at the Gualala River

Thank goodness I arrived at the beach before the tourists woke up and scared off the seals. I had a good 45 minutes of peace with them. Crawled on my knees to get close without upsetting them… and a decent lens helps too.

Oh those mushrooms!!!

Once you start looking, you can’t stop seeing them. This week I finally found two edible mushrooms, the cauliflower mushroom and the chanterelle. The Amanita muscarias are a site. Also called Fly Agaric. If you mix them with milk, a fly will drink the milk and DIE. Here are some I found after the rains…

Townsend Warbler

The morning I saw this little warbler hopping from branch to branch on the Madrone was pure magic. Mornings that start like this are always good.

Multitudes and more

Finally saw our resident Pileated Woodpecker in all his glory. Many sightings and many things happening, Some of my cards are available now in Point Arena at Franny’s Cup n Saucer. Cinnamon rolls and divine desserts and jams and fun things!! Harvested 3 pumpkins and tomatoes are still rolling in with some peppers. and more…