Evening desert walk

What really matters to me. My evening walk in the desert with my dogs. Feet walking on the earth that has been untouched and unspoiled for thousands of years.. well almost.

Well let’s just charge right into May madness and more photo ops

No, not that kind of photo op silly. May Madness, refers to a fabulous rummage sale put on by the Academy of Music in Santa Barbara. but still…More visuals for your palette… Many bird sightings on the coast, but with succulent/cacti sales and volunteer activities, Solstice workshop beginnings, who had time to identify the beauties…

New slip cast creations

Photographs and mosaics and pottery will be exhibited at tenth annual, Hwy 62 Art Tours in the high desert. These are some new slip cast creations I have been working on. Hope to see you in October.

p®im®os€ in the desert

®eƒresh is in order. It was time and now I can proceed into the 2nd half of 2011 with a little clarity and light. Hope you enjoy the new look and feel here… images always on the way… enjoy

April… is it spring ? May… is it spring?

Currently back on the coast, sketching with water color pencils, after another long trip to the desert where I was supervising the mosaics created for the Historic Plaza in 29 Palms at Two Mile Road. This was an amazing experience with much help from all the participants. I would like to say, WOW!!! What a…

¿ wHat hÅpPEneD in mÅ®©h ?

It’s a LONG story… Created a mosaic shower and sink counter in Joshua Tree at the Harrison House… was in the high desert for 6 weeks… watched the Verdins build their nest outside my window… conducted a mosaic workshop in wØnder valley and met with folks in 29 Palms to discuss the mosaic sidewalk in…

NoVeM߀® is already here.

You might have wondered, did I fall off the face of the earth? Hence NOctober posts. After taking first prize at Metro Galleries in Bakersfield in September at Latination II …October was there, waiting for me…telling me to prepare for the Hwy 62 Art Tours, firing the kiln when ever possible and creating thirteen new…