You can reach Perry Hoffman at magentaraven@gmail.com04B5DCF4-A69F-4A62-A0CF-AF6A744B4A49


  1. David Smugar says:

    Hi, Perry. Love to be in touch with you again. Both your email and phone have changed, and I see you are now in Santa Barbara. How groovy.

    Call or write when you can.

    Home 415-829-700

  2. magentaraven says:

    You didn’t leave a 7 digit phone number 😦 or email… TRY AGAIN

  3. BJ says:

    darling P….the students at Palm vista Elementary and I have made a fabulous HEAVY tile mural -24, 10×10 THICK tiles to put above the waterfountain on the stucco. Do you know a tile person who I could pay hardly anything to install? I am intimidated because its a school and because I’ve never done it. Better yet- come help me!!!!please advise BJ, Empress of Nowhere

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