I am emotionally blown away by the film. Milk. I lived in San Francisco for 25 years. I lived on Castro Street a block away from Harvey's camera store. He was an incredible sweet man to know in the neighborhood, always a smile. Shopped for film at his store, back in the day when there … Continue reading MILK

Mail art and wisdom to President Elect Obama

SEND A POSTCARD: Send one a day til Thanksgiving. November 27th. It would be great if it had the name of your city or state or country on it, but feel free to get creative. Or use one of mine. WRITE THIS MESSAGE: Dear President-elect Obama, All Americans should have the right to marry. Thank … Continue reading Mail art and wisdom to President Elect Obama

Mildred and Richard Perry Loving are allowed to marry.

Mildred and Richard Loving were given the right to marry in 1967. Imagine, black and white people could NOT marry each other in 1966. Here's their photograph. I am dedicating this page to my mother, (today being her birthday) Rose Hoffman, who supported equal rights and taught her children that equal was best for everyone.

National Rally against Prop H8 Santa Barbara

This Saturday was inspirational and a great reminder that there are huge numbers of str8 people and religious groups that are supporting the gay community. There were some great speakers, talking about their children and their equal rights!!! There were teachers and clergy speaking out in support of legalizing LOVE. Santa Barbara was one place … Continue reading National Rally against Prop H8 Santa Barbara

Equal POSTCARDS print your own…

Anyone who would like to USE my design please feel free to USE it!!! I just created the EQUAL card.If you go to VistaPrint they usually have specials like, 100 postcards FREE. So steal my design and print your own. If that's too much or your not graphically inclined then order from me for 50 … Continue reading Equal POSTCARDS print your own…

Join the EQUALITY protest !!! Saturday Nov 15th near YOU

Find your local place of protest. We have managed to elect a black president, so now let's include EVERYONE in this major move to equality and justice for ALL. And from a Joni Mitchell song... "is justice, just ice?"

What do gay people do?

Let's see?!?! They stitch you up when you go to the emergency room, they delivery your babies, they fly airplanes and drive police cars. Gay people teach your children in school. Gay people are elected officials and lawyers. I'm sure there are gay people working in the grocery store you shop at. There are gay … Continue reading What do gay people do?

Queer Postage Censorship is BACK

Clearly there are issues I am unaware of with zazzle and the postal system. Here's a stamp they approved and now, without warning have deleted from my site on zazzle. What's the deal? Here's my original post. Email just in: I am on with content review, they didn't remove the image. There is no record … Continue reading Queer Postage Censorship is BACK