I am emotionally blown away by the film. Milk. I lived in San Francisco for 25 years. I lived on Castro Street a block away from Harvey’s camera store. He was an incredible sweet man to know in the neighborhood, always a smile. Shopped for film at his store, back in the day when there was NO digital. One thing that impressed me in the movie was a small, small part, showing Cleve making phone calls to rally people together… WOW, he was using a telephone. He couldn’t rally the troups with a click on facebook, he had to pick up the phone and DIAL !!! This film was like a piece of my life I am blessed to say. Blessed that I am still here to see the possible progress. I’ll not forget the day the riots broke out and the police cars burned at city hall. As I sit here at my computer today, MARRIED to my man, I am sad for the ignorance and hate that still exists and also joyous for all we’ve been through and for the small step forward we have made. Remember to use your anger and sorrow wisely and never give up the struggle to be free… for everyone. PEACE … and for another poignant view, Jackadandy’s got a story too.


In case you hadn’t read this on facebook, this is my button that I wore in San Francisco, 30 years ag0, proudly electing the first OUT human being to office.

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  1. jackadandy says:

    Good gravy. You still have that button??


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