Equal POSTCARDS print your own…

Anyone who would like to USE my design please feel free to USE it!!! I just created the EQUAL card.If you go to VistaPrint they usually have specials like, 100 postcards FREE. So steal my design and print your own. If that’s too much or your not graphically inclined then order from me for 50 cents a card. Then let’s send this equality message to those neighbors, friends and relatives who need it. Or order em up at zazzle.

Click the images to ENLARGE.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Fred Trease says:

    Great effort but you’ve misspelled tomato. And what’s the black bird for?

  2. magentaraven says:

    It’s true, but being an artist I have artistic license 🙂 and I like tomatoe with an E.. the black raven is the magentaRaven in black and white. Did you send a postcard to the president elect yet?

  3. Anthony says:

    like the postcard, it shows iniative. just fyi Anthony

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