What do gay people do?

Let’s see?!?! They stitch you up when you go to the emergency room, they delivery your babies, they fly airplanes and drive police cars. Gay people teach your children in school. Gay people are elected officials and lawyers. I’m sure there are gay people working in the grocery store you shop at. There are gay clergy, gay dancers, gay artists, gay dog trainers, gay golfers… Is it clear to you that there are gay men or women holding important jobs in your community?!?! So if we can do everything, equally well if not sometimes better (watch the olympics) then WHY on earth can’t we get a marriage license ? This is completely baffling to me after being a gay man in California my whole life. If we respect peoples various religions, then why not respect the religions that will marry gay people. I am an American and I want my religious freedom. What YEAR is this folks??? If you want to belong to a church that fills it’s followers with fear and hate, that is a choice. But what if your church doesn’t promote hate and fear? What if your church says, YOUR GOOD, we love all people?!?! Then what? It takes a lot of reserve and humility to stay calm when you’ve been pushed DOWN so hard. Patiently we wait… but trust me we’re going to get there. Breathe.
PS. One more important FACT: Gay people did not invent DIVORCE. You did that all on your own. You can’t even try to blame divorce on gay people because divorce is between a MAN and a WOMAN . We are not a threat!

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  1. Douglas Smithman says:

    I love my gay husband very much.

  2. Syxbysyx says:

    Well said……I sometimes wonder if the real fear is that marriage will turn out to be just one more thing that gay folks do better than straight folks. My gay union has outlasted my 4 straight sibbling’s marriages. “Equal Justice Under Law”. That’s all we want.

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