Queer Postage Censorship is BACK

Clearly there are issues I am unaware of with zazzle and the postal system. Here’s a stamp they approved and now, without warning have deleted from my site on zazzle. What’s the deal? Here’s my original post.

Email just in: I am on with content review, they didn’t remove the image. There is no record of it being created. If you want to create again, they will get it approved ASAP as they do not see an issue with what you sent me. Best,-karen
OK the story really gets odd here. The zazzle people actually did rush this stamp back thru the hoops in about ten minutes and with extreme apologies. Well we’re legal again. I think I’m still married 🙂

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  1. Perry; re: the note you left on my site…
    Perry; thanks so much for taking the time for your kind words on my art and photos. You have some wonderful work here as well; such as this amazing shot to the left. It is the “bee’s knees’ as I say on my blog – often! 🙂
    As for the paypal link; sign into paypal -> merchant services -> buy now button -> fill in info -> don’t check the encryption option -> choose if you are using extra shipping costs -> click the button for next. This will give you the choice of the mind boggling ugly huge buy now button or a text button -> copy the text only info -> go back to your item (or wordage) and click to link -> paste in the info you just copied… and the magic happens!
    PS Congratulations on your recent marriage. Wishing you all the best! 🙂

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