Mojave Desert Spring 2o17 All photographs ©2o17 perry hoffman

To walk in Joshua Tree National Park and surrounding areas, by choice and by grace was a complete and utter wonder. Symphonies of colour abounded in the Mojave this incredible spring. More flowers, new flowers, Lilac Sunbonnets, and of course Chuckwallas basking in the sun.

p®im®os€ in the desert

®eƒresh is in order. It was time and now I can proceed into the 2nd half of 2011 with a little clarity and light. Hope you enjoy the new look and feel here… images always on the way… enjoy

¿ wHat hÅpPEneD in mÅ®©h ?

It’s a LONG story… Created a mosaic shower and sink counter in Joshua Tree at the Harrison House… was in the high desert for 6 weeks… watched the Verdins build their nest outside my window… conducted a mosaic workshop in wØnder valley and met with folks in 29 Palms to discuss the mosaic sidewalk in…

my n€w ßooks A√AILAßLE at blurb

I have updated my side bar to show my new books. I have eliminated the soft cover option as I simply did not like them. The hard cover version is the joie de vivre… check it out, I even lowered the price to $25. All the other photographs by Perry Hoffman | Make Your Own…

New ßirds, £iZÅ®d∫ and ƒlØwe®∫ ƒrom c€ntral Åm€®i©a

Back from the tropics. From sweltering heat and humidity, gla∫∫ ƒu∫ing, brilliant colours, flowers, insects, lizards and birds we find ourselves back to the fog rolling ocean in ∫anta ßarbara… but wait, the ∫un is out!! I added new bird photographs to the bird set on flickR oƒ course iƒ you’d like to see the…

Desert Spring

There is no way to describe the diversity and expanse of wildlife and flora in this particular Spring. With the mild El Niño temperatures and all the rains, the desert is still a vast blooming eye pleaser. Varieties seldom seen have appeared in technicolour before our eyes. Desert Iguanas saunter along while Whiptails nervously stay…


Here on the coast in Santa Barbara we have datura, just like in the desert. How funny a plant like this can grow in two such opposite environments!! Also in Santa Barbara is the dollar store and they have pretty plastic from China.