The date was March 24, 2002, according to my digital records. My friends Michael Johnstone and David Faulk, San Francisco based artists came to visit my little homestead in Wonder Valley. They promised me a dress up 🙂 too !!! David being the dress up queenPalm/planetaryEmpress, she got dolled up. Michael and I took out our cameras. I lit the bonfire.
NOW it’s August 2008 and I receive a postcard in the mail from Michael. My EYES wide, I see that there is a photo I took on the postcard…but no wait, it’s not mine, it’s Michael’s. Yer but no but yer but no but yer but no but. Yes, folks it was Michael’s image. The photo posted here with the fire is one I took at the same shoot in Wonder Valley… WHICH leads me to another fascinating detail – OPEN STUDIO TOUR is coming to the desert. Please don’t miss it. This is an adventure you need to take. You won’t be disappointed by the inspiring art and artists of the high desert in Wonder Valley, just under the cradled mountains and Joshua Tree National Park. Chris Carraher will be joining me in the Tile House on El Paseo for Open Studio with her stunning pastels.

Michael Johnstone pumps up the COLOR… and this is where Perry and he hop on the same wave…
Cheers Michael and good luck with your show up in San Francisco.

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