pøS† ßµ®ninG mAn

Here are some of the images I took at burning man. An alkali environment that is relentless and abrasive embraced the throngs of creative people bringing their art to the desert .

Stµpa Dhøøpa †®aVel †emPle

The travel temple took it’s maiden voyage and all I can say is, “©osmic wheels” Doug and I have been wO®king hAr∂ on ge††ing the t®Avel †emple rea∂ie∂ fO® ßµ®ning mAn. We’®e hoping to pA®k on Lineage at 8’O©lo©k.


The date was March 24, 2002, according to my digital records. My friends Michael Johnstone and David Faulk, San Francisco based artists came to visit my little homestead in Wonder Valley. They promised me a dress up 🙂 too !!! David being the dress up queenPalm/planetaryEmpress, she got dolled up. Michael and I took out…

Images of Fire MAIL art CALL

Mail Art Call – Images of Fire What is fire? SEND: Postcards with images of fire to: Perry Hoffman P.O. Box 507 29 Palms, CA 92277 USA THEME: Images of Fire DOCUMENTATION: Exhibition at Morongo Basin Cultural Arts Council Open Studio Tour 2007 on El Paseo in Wonder Valley Blog documentation. NO RESTRICTIONS any Size…