The date was March 24, 2002, according to my digital records. My friends Michael Johnstone and David Faulk, San Francisco based artists came to visit my little homestead in Wonder Valley. They promised me a dress up 🙂 too !!! David being the dress up queenPalm/planetaryEmpress, she got dolled up. Michael and I took out … Continue reading ©ßåµ∫µ˜≥ç…PARALLEL¬˚∆≈œ∑®¥ø

New work in progress for July show at Santa Barbara Arts.

One of the pieces I'm showing as featured artist at Santa Barbara Arts. 30x30 gicleé on canvas with acrylics and pastels. Available for purchase. Click to ENLARGE

Dolphins on Santa Barbara coastline

This is not seaworld. This is the great Pacific Ocean. The dolphins were swimming and feeding very close to the shore. At times there seemed to be 10 to 20 swimming along. It was a joyous site to see at 7:30 in the morning before my fiancé and I went to Los Angeles for a … Continue reading Dolphins on Santa Barbara coastline

Exhibit in 29 Palms

I believe that pictures do say a lot more than words but I would like to say a few things regarding my recent show in 29 Palms. First of all a BIG thank you to Gretchen for being such a fabulous gallery hostess. Had the walls painted magenta and orange before I even got into … Continue reading Exhibit in 29 Palms