New Book, Eight Years in Wonder Valley

MagentaRaven is publishing a new book, printed on semi matte paper, entitled 8 Years in Wonder Valley.
38 of the best photographs from eight years of documentation by yours truly,  Perry Hoffman
Images of wild birds, owls, coyotes, scorpions, snakes and rusty metal… and fire.
I have just emailed friends with a special first publication price of $25 (includes shipping)
So fellow bloggers, mail artists, kindred spirits I am also offering the same discounted
price here on the internet. If you’d like to order the FORTY page book
of desert imagery from Wonder Valley, please paypal $25 to or send a
check to the Santa Barbara address in my left sidebar. Please include your shipping address.
Thank you. – Perry 


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  1. Alice Devlin says:

    GreetingsGenius: Summer 2008
    Thank YOu. Merci! Grace. You are one cool cat.
    I went on 3 trips this year so far South Africa,Panama,
    & Hi-Desert…Joshua Tree. Equally wonderful. I live in New Jersey a tiny distance the George Washington Bridge.NYC.
    I want to get your book. I ask Gretchen when I see or e-mail her..How is Perry? I looked up Wonder Valley on google and you popped up. I was psyched. It is Summer 2008. Here we cruise to the Cape, go to the shore and boogie board and eat funnel cake on the boardwalk.
    Go to Montauk..Hither Hills by the SEA, buy chickens already cooked,pay too high for a bar tab and think of the hi-desert.
    It is Wednesday pre-July 4th…wish you red,white, and blue.
    I took your class few years back. I have the token piece i did in the front yard @ Joshua TREE showcased on a rusty plant stand. All this means is thank you perry for inspiring people to live life. Vida is Love. Alice Devlin Studio M
    Postcript: Fresh Fruits 2008……travel.xo

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