Art Cars

Soooo the following day after the big gala at Fi-Lox-See, Bonnie Kopp of True World Gallery in Joshua Tree, brought a fleet of art cars to my abode in Wonder Valley. What a treat !!! I did not get everybody’s names. Kate Pearson was from Bisbee. Joy Johnson from Berkeley (boots on top of car and manican heads upside down in the interior.Jensue and Rev Chili… Emily Duffy with the fabulous Vain Van… and Scott with the little alien bug and cute wiener dog.ac1.jpgac2.jpgac3.jpgac4.jpgac5.jpgac6.jpgac7.jpgac8.jpgac9.jpgac10.jpgac11.jpgac12.jpgac13.jpgac14.jpgac15.jpgac17.jpgac18.jpgac19.jpgac20.jpgac21.jpgac22.jpgac23.jpg

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