Mark Bulwinkle from Oakland

After finishing the bathroom wall at Harrison House in Joshua Tree, I decided to send an email to Mark Bulwinkle, the creator of the amazing tiles I was blessed to use. Mark Bulwinkle saw the use of his tiles and was pleased. He agreed to send me some tiles for the Tile House as well, … Continue reading Mark Bulwinkle from Oakland

Front Page Santa Barbara News Press

This morning our neighbor called over to us, to tell us she put our picture from the paper in our mailbox. Click the newspaper for a larger image. For more wedding pictures click this.

June 17 Wedding Day in Santa Barbara, California

Doug and I got to the courthouse steps at 10 til 7. There was no one there. After another half an hour went by people started showing up. We were first through the door. Below you'll find the first two pictures of my beautiful partner and then the other couples waiting in line to be … Continue reading June 17 Wedding Day in Santa Barbara, California


I was invited a few weeks ago to join a blog/group online. The image I posted there today has my beautiful male lover kissing me on a bar of soap. So, why not post it here on day four of the wedding countdown. Also I wanted to make sure my readers know about the flux-space. … Continue reading fluxLISTeurope

Rare desert mariposa lily.

This past weekend, my bml, or beautiful male lover, soon to be husband and I were at The Palms in Wonder Valley for the Wonder Valley Music Festival. We also got a chance to see the rare mariposa lily and witches hair (Cuscuta californica) a lovely firey orange parasite, in Joshua Tree National Park.

Gay Stamp Approved by US Postal System

The gay commmunity can make these stamps OURS. No, the feds didn't create these stamps. A gay man did... and they are LEGAL U.S. Postage ... we can put them and ourselves on the map. Help me get the message out that we're here and queer and going to get married. Thanks love! Tell a … Continue reading Gay Stamp Approved by US Postal System

Artist Perry Hoffman’s design for stamp REJECTED by the US Postal Service

So, here's the story. Besides planning to get married with my beautiful male lover of almost three years, I recently signed up with zazzle a company that puts your design on things like mugs and US postal stamps, t-shirts etc. Yesterday I designed a stamp commemorating the California Supreme Court decision to allow gay people … Continue reading Artist Perry Hoffman’s design for stamp REJECTED by the US Postal Service

Santa Barbara… it’s a dog’s life.

Dogs at the beach. Dogs on the roof. Man with Great Dane and Pinda. Lenore and Shirley and Doug on the beach. Doug spoiling Paintbrush on the couch with new paint possiblities in photoshop... in the background...nutty kids... Still unpacking. Having a garage sale tomorrow...Not back to normal yet...WAIT, there wasn't a normal anyway...

No Visuals

Just getting the network hooked up. Moving caN BE stressful... we have been going NONstop...painting...planting...unboxing. I find myself in a tropical and exotic landscape that is both intoxicating and compelling, alluring and ocean... dogs running on the beach... DOGS on the roof... (pictures coming soon) 58/72 sun/blue...happy Orange Kitty and sublime dogs. Still unpacking..unravelling... … Continue reading No Visuals