Mark Bulwinkle from Oakland

After finishing the bathroom wall at Harrison House in Joshua Tree, I decided to send an email to Mark Bulwinkle, the creator of the amazing tiles I was blessed to use. Mark Bulwinkle saw the use of his tiles and was pleased. He agreed to send me some tiles for the Tile House as well, which of course made me extremely happy. Then, he included a picture of himself in the shower I had created there last year. This of course made me laugh and brought a big smile to my face. Thank you!!! To see Mark’s amazing and prolific work click HERE.

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  1. Radmila Raikow says:

    Dear Mr. Bulwinkle,
    I just purchased your cat at OMCA, and I just want to say I love it. Sincerely, Shari Boruvka,
    illustrator and graphic artist. (I live near Birmingham AL and am visiting my sister, Radmila.)

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