Rare desert mariposa lily.

This past weekend, my bml, or beautiful male lover, soon to be husband and I were at The Palms in Wonder Valley for the Wonder Valley Music Festival. We also got a chance to see the rare mariposa lily and witches hair (Cuscuta californica) a lovely firey orange parasite, in Joshua Tree National Park.

5 thoughts on “Rare desert mariposa lily.

  1. a beautiful calachortus!

    if you find another, you might swath it in a magenta scarf! and as much as I dislike witches hair, you could do something very interesting weaving in magenta silk scarfs

    i enjoyed your blogs and posts and hope to one day see your art as i have a home in ventucky and enjoy getting out into the mojave as possible. i would love to see the buddha and birds series!

    btw, a few weeks ago my nape hair was bleached magenta and orange…it’s faded some but should still glow under a black light at lightening in a bottle (are you going?)

  2. Thanyou for swinging by my blog. The witches hair looks some thing icky from horror movie. As if someone would walk into it and it would eat them.

  3. Hey are these flowers photographered here and here the rare mariposa lily? I found them along the northern route into Saline Valley at an elevation of about 3 – 4,000 feet. My friend, a native Californian, told me they were just California poppies. I was dubious, but I defer to native Californians.

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