Gay Stamp Approved by US Postal System

The gay commmunity can make these stamps OURS. No, the feds didn’t create these stamps. A gay man did… and they are LEGAL U.S. Postage … we can put them and ourselves on the map. Help me get the message out that we’re here and queer and going to get married. Thanks love! Tell a gay person. Tell a str8 friend. Buy queer art stamps and celebrate the date. Buy a sheet of stamps and get the word out !!! Put a gay stamp on your wedding invitations. LGTB community can take this to another level. Equal. Free. Let’s make this stamp ours. They won’t sanction one that crosses their line… but we can make this one OURS. I am donating 50% of the proceeds to Equality California.

6 thoughts on “Gay Stamp Approved by US Postal System

  1. Thanks for standing up to the censorship of queer art. Your stamps are beautiful. I’m part of Zazzle, too, and naively believed their boasts about how they would gladly put your art on a postage stamp. Thanks for commenting at my blog, too!

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