Mosaic Workshop

The Mosaic Workshop I just led in Wonder Valley was a great success. Seven eager students ready to learn and create. We drew a little blood from some sharp tile but nothing requiring stitches, just a prick. Everyone created beautiful works as different and as varied as people are. I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to photograph everyone’s work, but one couple who also has a residence in Wonder Valley, wanted to create an address sign from pavers, to sit on Hwy 62 in front of their house. They invited us to come see their place after the workshop. Here you will see their creation as well as a couple of pieces I constructed for the Homestead Cabin Festival, OPENING on February 9th 2008. The largest of my pieces was just three feet in length. Enjoy.maddress2.jpgmadddress.jpgmwkshp.jpgmwkshp3.jpgmwkshp2.jpg 

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  1. mitabee says:

    Love the cabin mosaics,
    You could do custom ones for people, using their particular cabin color, I see a whole new market opening up.
    Looking forward to seeing you on Feb 9 at the opening reception.

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