April, May & June have rapidly unfolded and unraveled us all.

Did you see it? Did you remember it going by. Full moon in Scorpio, lunar and solar eclipses and flare ups on the sun? Fires and a little quake action. Sunniest May in Santa Barbara and mildest temperatures in the desert. Mosaic workshops, Buddha Abides Show and a stunningly beautiful video created by visitors to … Continue reading April, May & June have rapidly unfolded and unraveled us all.

the 34th latitude is connecting the dots

Also new workshop dates on my mosaic blog. CHECK IT OUT and join me for some smashing fun time, breaking tiles...

NoVeM߀® is already here.

You might have wondered, did I fall off the face of the earth? Hence NOctober posts. After taking first prize at Metro Galleries in Bakersfield in September at Latination II ...October was there, waiting for me...telling me to prepare for the Hwy 62 Art Tours, firing the kiln when ever possible and creating thirteen new … Continue reading NoVeM߀® is already here.

Yea® eN∂ phOtog®Aphi© o®ganiZation

December is a likely to time to reorganize and reassess. I am happy to announce that I have finally uploaded a good and sturdy quantity of my high resolution images to flick® ... so they can be stored safely on their servers as well as on my external drives and be viewed by YOU, the … Continue reading Yea® eN∂ phOtog®Aphi© o®ganiZation

The ancient ways of blogging

SO, is blogging a thing of the past? I'm not sure as facebook has absorbed the better half of my time. I realized I hadn't written anything here in quite sometime and perhaps many of my readers have lost interest... I do not know. What I do see is a social revolution taking place via … Continue reading The ancient ways of blogging

Acorn Woodpeckers… desert to the sea

Back in Santa Barbara after a lovely weekend in the desert for the Homestead Cabin  Festival at The Palms. The Sibley's were great. They played a new song... Shari Elf was jam-packed fun and The Hafler Duo sang their desert songs. Many of us got to create Homestead Cabins out of Graham Crackers and other … Continue reading Acorn Woodpeckers… desert to the sea

The Road to Wonder Valley

WOW. Thank you to Massif Pictures for a beautiful clip of a beautiful place with so many beautiful people... REALLY... To view the trailer click on the Road to Wonder Valley Trailer. For those who don't know, I was interviewed last year for a film, about the artists that are living in the high desert. … Continue reading The Road to Wonder Valley

Wonder Valley Homestead Cabin Festival coming sooooon.

We are raising awareness about our “barren” desert being a rich wilderness with a rich history which includes our falling down, deteriorating, time-lapsed decay homestead cabins here in Wonder Valley. Rich in wildlife. Rich in it’s emptiness. Rich in it’s present state. To be protected by it’s inhabitants before it’s plowed under like the rest … Continue reading Wonder Valley Homestead Cabin Festival coming sooooon.

Once again, in honor of the first-ever Wonder Valley Homestead Cabin Festival

While out on a stroll taking pictures of cabins, I encountered another human being. He told me his name was Anno... a good German name...and he owned three cabins adjacent to his home out at the end of Wonder Valley, where you just might fall off the face of the earth. I asked him if … Continue reading Once again, in honor of the first-ever Wonder Valley Homestead Cabin Festival

Mosaic Workshop

The Mosaic Workshop I just led in Wonder Valley was a great success. Seven eager students ready to learn and create. We drew a little blood from some sharp tile but nothing requiring stitches, just a prick. Everyone created beautiful works as different and as varied as people are. I'm sorry I didn't get a … Continue reading Mosaic Workshop