Starting Backwards

My recent trip to the desert was very inspiring. There is much to share about the Mosaic Workshop and the Homestead Cabin Festival. The week aside, I drove, returning, to the other home in Santa Barbara through pouring rain, when suddenly in Pasadena at the Sierra Madre exit my car, in the second to the fast lane, hydro-planed, SPINNING around and around and across 4 lanes of traffic while I sat there praying that my vehicle would not CRASH into anything…………………praying hard to the mind over matter GOD !!! whooooooosh the car came spinning to a halt a couple of feet away from a concrete wall on the freeway with the dogs in the back, facing the wall…with me in the front facing oncoming traffic who were surprisingly diligent and respectful of a car being in their way. Adrenaline ran high and the rain pouring down, I didn’t even know that my car was off…no wonder it would not respond… Then I started the car and pulled into the slow lane that I was blocking and off we went. Unharmed. Breathing rapidly I called Doug. 

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  1. mitabee says:

    Thursday, January 24th, 2008, a good day:
    My dead parents’ 60th wedding anniversary
    and my living friend’s freeway spin survival.
    Keep forwards thinking and moving at all times but
    Love in all directions

  2. Jackadandy says:

    Whoa baby! Yikes! So glad everything is okay!

    Drive in awareness, my friend.


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