San Pedro Creek at Goleta Beach

I had no idea there was so much bird action was here. I guess I was slow finding out. Now it’s a daily spot to check in. Even found a rarely seen Yellow Crowned Night Heron here. Many cormorants, herons and egrets and kingfishers… hope you enjoy them too.

Bird Refuge Central Coast

Happy to see some Egret action and Juvenile Black Crowned Night Herons. What a lovely spot. Also rejuvenating the spirit, body and mind.

Wildflowers popping on the Central Coast of Santa Barbara

On my walks thru farmland in the hills, as you leave town towards Gaviota, the wildflowers have been showing their beauty. I have discovered so many new flowers I never knew before. Here are some of them. May this brighten your days.

Gray Ghost, also known as the Northern Harrier

Spotted on the central coast of California, the Northern Harrier is a striking hawk. Also called the gray ghost, they can be seen sitting on low lying fence posts, just like I witnessed. Turkey Vultures are flying around too and snakes and rabbits about. The rabbit you see here, I thought for dead when I…