Redwing Blackbirds & Cormorants & Herons & clouds, oh my

Redwing Blackbirds have always been a favorite bird of mine. Their stunning features, flashing their red and yellow wing bars and their melodic song always bring joy. So now I have begun painting them from the photographs I have taken. Suddenly they have appeared in my radar and actually had one land on my hand…

Osprey at Goleta Beach

This morning was pure magic. First catching the Osprey flying across San Pedro Creek and then hearing it shrieking and finding it with its catch on top of a tall post near the pier. A lucky day to observe nature at its finest. Then after an hour or so, watching it fly off with the…

San Pedro Creek at Goleta Beach

I had no idea there was so much bird action was here. I guess I was slow finding out. Now it’s a daily spot to check in. Even found a rarely seen Yellow Crowned Night Heron here. Many cormorants, herons and egrets and kingfishers… hope you enjoy them too.

Bird Refuge Central Coast

Happy to see some Egret action and Juvenile Black Crowned Night Herons. What a lovely spot. Also rejuvenating the spirit, body and mind.