Wildflowers in the Mojave Desert

Highly toxic Hairy Climbing Milkweed in the Mojave Preserve Giant Sand Milkweed Sheephole Pass Witches Hair Bladder Pod in the Mojave Preserve Thurber's Sandpaper Plant Mojave Preserve Roy's Amboy Hummingbird on a Desert Willow Mojave Preserve Daisy Desert Star Ratany wOnder valley Brittle Spineflower Catclaw Acacia Mojave Preserve Amboy Chloride Desert Lily wOnder Valley Zebra … Continue reading Wildflowers in the Mojave Desert

Gray Ghost, also known as the Northern Harrier

Spotted on the central coast of California, the Northern Harrier is a striking hawk. Also called the gray ghost, they can be seen sitting on low lying fence posts, just like I witnessed. Turkey Vultures are flying around too and snakes and rabbits about. The rabbit you see here, I thought for dead when I … Continue reading Gray Ghost, also known as the Northern Harrier