Gualala a prehistoric land by the sea.

Wild Turkey

I apologize for the long period of time I was absent from posting to magentaRaven. We have been on the move for 5 months. We finally landed on February 28 and have been unraveling, unpacking and settling in to this rich and fertile land which has now begun to burst open into Spring, with bramble, Rhododendrons, lilacs and roses and many wild flowers… still learning. This is one of the wild turkeys we see everyday. Feeling very lucky and grateful to be in this very special place. These images are just some of the magic we see here. Enjoy!

Wild Turkey
Mendocino Coast
Steller’s Jay
Checkerbloom a coastal wildflower
Redwing Blackbird on the Princess flower
Redwing Blackbird
Bee in the Ceanothus
Rufous Hummingbird
Wild Turkeys
Turkey Vulture

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  1. Michael Katz says:

    Are you living now up near Mendocino? Will you plan on having mosaic workshops in the future?



    1. magentaraven says:

      Yes I will. I will be posting that info here, just not sure when as we are still getting settled. Where are you and how did you hear about me?

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