goodbye Facecrack…

What a long strange trip it’s been. I enjoy seeing my friends comings and going’s, humor and often insight. However, as the weight of the world seems to be utterly overwhelming with America’s concentration camps, melting ice caps and hideous politics and racial injustice, I have decided to turn inward to find my joy, inward to find my spirit and inward to find my creativity.

Another example of why I decided to leave the platform happened just this morning. After I posted I was was leaving to give folks a chance to know and possibly follow me elsewhere, a new friend asked, “why do people announce on Facebook that they are leaving 😂 When I answered that I was tired of sarcasm, ads, bots, but wanted friends I enjoy to know I was departing, this person immediately “unfriended” me, and it is these misunderstandings and knee jerk behaviors that have made me weary…

It is also very much 1984 and although Siri is listening and so is every other device and platform, google and YouTube, the blatant disregard for any privacy on Facebook maddening… Alas, goodbye 👋

I will try and post weekly here, my art and photography, mosaics and ceramics and musings that are important to me. Thank you for dropping by or subscribing here.

In gratitude, Perry

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  1. Gary Tufel says:

    Thanks Perry. I do feel your pain when it comes to FB! Especially because I spend far too much time on it, but also despite the good and entertaining and enlightening and worthwhile stuff on it, the ugliness, nastiness, small mindedness and right-wing, hateful stuff is pushing me closer to dumping it. Anyway, I look forward to following you this way. Gary

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