wØnder… is it any wØnder? October is gone…November whirling by 11.11.11

It’s been a month and a half away from the coast…new beautiful dog, Enzo is now part of our family, thank you Mita for the name… it fits! Art Cars came thru wØnder valley and stopped at the Tile House. Tempy Keller came all the way from The Jade Seahorse in Utila… sticking her tongue out at Mikal Winn‘s mosaic coyote…Hwy 62 Art Tours was an amazing success!! Best opening party with great music and less talk and more film… Actually fewer numbers of people this year at my studio, but much more spending… BEST year to date. Thank you Mayah for allowing me to use your kiln!!! Thank you Dana Bowden for matting my work and support!! Thank you Nurse Wanda and Lisette for making breakfast. Thank you Kimmy K for EVERYTHING !! Great to see old friends and of course the gorgeous desert skies were in rare form, with wind and rain and clouds. Then the septic tank had to be dug up and re-piped… oh the joys of country living! Don’t know what I would do without the help of Jerry Smith, the magician and wØnder man that he is… always coming to the rescue. Thank you Jerry!!! Grateful!!
A bit wet here in Santa Barbara and some branches down from the rainy windy night… exploring the new green turf… Enzo loves to eat grass… surely didn’t get much of that in wØnder valley…

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