wØnde® vÅlley ∫p®ing†im€

Latest pictures from the desert, including the wØnder valley disposal dump site, lizards, birds and floWers… Welcome to the Mojave desert. To see all the pictures just click HERE.

New mØsAi© workshop in the high desert… a®t, ßeauty, yOga..

A new workshop and a new look at RAVEN moSai©s Please click it and SEE more about a ßeaµtiƒul get-a-way to wOnder valley for yOga, mOsai©s and gOOd ƒood. Speaking of ƒood there has been a lot on my plate… HWY 62 Art Tours and new mosai©S, nEw pOst©ards, new photographs, new ceramics…  and I…

Mosaic Altars

A peek at the new mosaic altars I have been doing. To see more of the NEW altar mosaics …, go NOW ravenMosaics. size 18″x25″ ©2009 pErryhOffman magentaRaven.com ™

High Desert test Site at the Wonder Valley Institute Contemptorary Art

Miracles?!?! Disappearing curators at the edge of nowhere in a cabin on the high side of the Sheep Hole Pass in wonderland… the crew shows up at the final hour… miracle. Wonder Valley Institute is living up to the name, WONDER. I must say that Chris Veit’s friends REALLY knocked themselves out hanging sheet rock…

The Road to Wonder Valley

WOW. Thank you to Massif Pictures for a beautiful clip of a beautiful place with so many beautiful people… REALLY… To view the trailer click on the Road to Wonder Valley Trailer. For those who don’t know, I was interviewed last year for a film, about the artists that are living in the high desert….

Cacti in Santa Barbara

A beautiful garden blooms in Santa Barbara on Clearview. The days are brisk and SUNNY. The sky is blue. Winter at the beach in California .