Number 9

Whew!!! The last few weeks have been incredibly non-stop. Beautiful, happy new year party in the desert with The Sibley’s rocking us into the new year with Sophia Loren and Rubber Soul Rock n Roll not to mention I Don’t Smile if I Don’t Want To. A small intimate ROCKING party. I cannot thank the Sibley’s enough for there energy and songs. Met new friends and made new connections. The desert always helps connect the dots, unless of course it’s dragging you down a dirt road behind a grader. No don’t worry, that didn’t happen… What with Leslie Thornberg and Randy Polumbo having parties I had a  lot of competition this year. Next year will be different HA!

So on to number 9, number 9… oh the Revolution number 9… love those Beatles. READY for three amazing Mosaic Workshops coming this year to the desert. Breaking tile while breaking open new ways of working creatively. Turning it into something else.

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