Mosaic Workshops in the desert


Come learn mosaics from a multi-media artist in an inspirational environment. A place of magic. Perry has been giving mosaic workshops for 5 years in the Mojave desert and Santa Barbara. He has been working in clay and tile and mosaics with his home for over 10 years now and it is a living evolving piece of work. Color and pattern take the eye on a visual adventure at Perry’s desert retreat. Inside/out.   You can also bring your own tent and camp on the land at the Tile House and still enjoy the civilized mosaic shower and hot tub.

We begin with dinner on Friday at 5 – followed by an introduction into the world of mosaics, the materials and tools then with goggles over eyes we proceed to BREAK tile… music on… QUESTions  !?!?!?
Get up early Saturday for breakfast and good strong coffee and continue projects. We break for a picnic lunch.  Saturday evening before sunset, if we’ve finished our piece, we head up to Joshua Tree for a short hike, return for dinner and a bonfire at the Tile House! We grout and finish our projects on Sunday, enjoy a last lunch together and you’re on the road by 2pm. All weekend workshops include meals and basic materials for a variety of projects.

Staying in Tile House, meals included and all materials is $350
Staying in your own tent meals and hot tub amenities included and all materials $250

Not staying with us? Not eating with us? JUST the WORKSHOP $150

$75 non-refundable deposit, (except towards another workshop date)

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Tom Ruppanner says:


    This is FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Emily Duffy says:

    I’m definitely in for April. Will pay today. Can’t WAIT!

  3. Louise says:

    When is the next mosaic workshop – I want to do it sometime. 🙂

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