Desert Ocean Desert Ocean Desert Ocean

Well…it’s been a year and half since I fell madly in love with my BML. Here we are today and I still find myself, as Prince would say “Beautiful, Loved and Blessed”. Douglas Henry Smith and Perry Michael Hoffman will be starting a new life together in Santa Barbara in our new home. Doug has already told me we’ll have to get some electrical work done in order to set up my kiln. Thoughtful partner!!! Lucky me!!! We don’t know what all this will look like exactly but we know we’ll still be going to the desert, but now we can make the drive together. We also know that the dogs will be VERY happy. What’s good for the dogs is always good for the humans. I hope that my desert friends will come relax in the ocean air and idyllic gardens that will be our home. For those that don’t know, as BJ Duke would say, “Santa Barbara is the antedote to 29 Palms and 29 Palms is ALSO the antedote to Santa Barbara”. Nothing could be more true. Both beautiful. One with. One without. Yin Yang.

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  1. qazse says:

    I enjoyed my visit and will be back to check in now and then. I am on the east coast and always wanted to visit the desert. I will keep your homes in mind. Good luck with your new life together. It sounds wonderful. I am impressed by your work. You are a talented man.

  2. Joseph says:

    Douglas Henry Smith and Perry Michael Hoffman are pretty lucky to have each other and to begin this new chapter in their lives together in beautiful Santa Barbara. Congratulations are in order!!!!
    What is the antidote to Palm Springs?

  3. magentaraven says:

    I think it’s Lubbock Texas.

  4. Will says:

    Wow, congratulations, gents. No Texas bashing. 🙂

    Will in Dallas

  5. Jackadandy says:

    Smiling for you both. And the dogs. 😉


  6. Vincent November says:

    Memories. 🙂

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