Buddhas and snakes from the kiln

I’ve been reunited with clay once again and taking a class where my friend Maya teaches at The Pottery. Just got my first slither of snakes and glowing Buddhas from the kiln a couple of days ago. These will no doubtedly end up in a few mosaics or on the wall of the house in a large grouping. Beads and seashells from the Pacific Ocean are imbedded in some of the third eyes and the snake eyes. Not easy to see in all of the pictures.

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  1. David Berube says:

    These are quite beautiful!!!

  2. magentaraven says:

    Thank you David. I have a postcard going out to your Face a Day portrait project. Be on the look out.

  3. David Berube says:

    Looking forward to rcvg. your card.
    Now that you’re moving, (Congrats!!!, It sounds amazing), is there a new address to send to your “Fire” MailArt Call?

  4. magentaraven says:

    Keep the cards coming to the same address in 29 Palms. Thanks. and Thank you for your kind note.

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