Flying Pool Lights Small Fire

YUCCA VALLEY — A gust of wind at 10 a.m. Wednesday sent an empty Doughboy pool over power lines and into a neighbor’s side yard in the 56000 block of Onaga Trail here, causing a small vegetation fire.
The blaze was put out shortly after it started thanks to quick-thinking neighbors and a fast response from Fire Station 121.
Art Alvarado was home when the fire broke out.
“I was out working on my car and heard this big crash. I smelled the smoke and checked on my neighbors next door to see if they were home.”
READ the WHOLE story HERE.
Thank you Richard for this choice tidbit! Couldn’t resist posting this one !!!

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  1. MzzBee says:

    It was the day for explosions, ariel and otherwise. Visiting relatives in Carlsbad, MzzBee was roasting corn and “little hotties” on the balcony bar-b-que perched above the Pacific when said “little hotties” began exploding, one after another, sending burning capsicun particles onto her face and upper body. She likened this experience to a over zealous spa treatment she once experienced in Baden Baden. Quick thinking relatives suggested a soothing masque of Trader Joe’s double cream Greek yougurt and further pain and disfigurement was avoided.
    Returning to the grill, MzzBee once again was started by an explosion, this one much louder than the “little hotties”(but less painful) with an accompanying of cascading plastic parts over the balcony and onto unsuspecting holiday passerbys. Upon investigation by MrBee, it was discovered that SOMEONE left the bar-b-que lighter instrument tucked just a tad too close to the heat source resulting in the ignition of the volatile gasses within. Needless to say, certain members of this holiday party had their fill of pyrotechnic devices and retired early.

  2. magentaraven says:

    Honey, sounds like you need some ALOE. Step away from the grill.

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