First Day

Well here we are and summer is upon us. Weather has been strange but then we’ve been seeing that for a while. One day I will have the book written and illustrated and available for the world to read. Understanding of this existence, in this time with the world ever lurching forward towards infinity will ALL be in the book. Until then you’ll have to get stories of heartache and betrayal here. Today on jackaDandy’s blog she wrote a wonderful story of an actual bobcat observance. There must be some hope if we’re still glimpsing the wildlife. Although I for one have not seen my huge family of desert iguana this year. Is it hot yet? As for starting this blog you’ll find I can ramble and be quite tangential but that’s the way it is. More on nothing later. Also everything… Beautiful male lover and coastal climates on the horizon. How lucky to find such a sweet man to kiss in Joshua Tree National Park.

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