The Tile House bedroom gets an installation.

First off I would like to say thank you again to all the folks that donated to kickstarter. The rewards went out yesterday via the USPS. Some thirty buddha heads and another 20 pieces of fused glass, postcards and prints. It's been an incredibly busy month with Hwy 62 Art Tours, and beginning the kickstarter … Continue reading The Tile House bedroom gets an installation.

Well let’s just charge right into May madness and more photo ops

No, not that kind of photo op silly. May Madness, refers to a fabulous rummage sale put on by the Academy of Music in Santa Barbara. but still...More visuals for your palette... Many bird sightings on the coast, but with succulent/cacti sales and volunteer activities, Solstice workshop beginnings, who had time to identify the beauties … Continue reading Well let’s just charge right into May madness and more photo ops

Santa Barbara MOSAIC workshop

Join Perry in his Santa Barbara garden and learn the art of mosaics. Using tile and pottery, broken ceramics and special bits from his ocean bone yard. You will create a piece of work that you can finish and take home. Day one, August 8, 2009 we will start at 10 am to design and … Continue reading Santa Barbara MOSAIC workshop

double WORKSHOP madness … one HERE … one THERE …

The artist is pondering the idea of having the students help complete a part of the Tile House in the Wonder Valley workshop...

Santa Barbara… it’s a dog’s life.

Dogs at the beach. Dogs on the roof. Man with Great Dane and Pinda. Lenore and Shirley and Doug on the beach. Doug spoiling Paintbrush on the couch with new paint possiblities in photoshop... in the background...nutty kids... Still unpacking. Having a garage sale tomorrow...Not back to normal yet...WAIT, there wasn't a normal anyway...