Poppies… look out Dorothy… poppies…. poppies…

After casting poppy seeds to the sky over my garden (Thank you Ruth for the seeds) we now have flowers amidst the watermelon and the roses, between the kangaroo paw and the bachelor buttons and the wild cosmosity.

Mission Alternative Arts Show

This past fourth of July I participated in an annual Santa Barbara show called the 4th of July Old Mission Alternative Art Show. I met a lot of wonderful artists and friendly folk. Here are some pictures of the event and some of my work. Purple and malachite Buddha purchase. Orange and Blue Buddha purchase….

3 new works for Santa Barbara Arts 1st tHuRsDaY july 3rd

New works are gicleé photographs printed on canvas. Printed by the infamous David Fick in Joshua Tree. Some of the works were manipulated before printing and all were lavished with acrylics and pastels. This is a real departure and fusion evolving and merging mediums. These images were first captured on the Wilcox property on the…

Ten Lined June Beetle

Found in the parking lot of Urgent Care, where I took my husband this morning, diagnosis, tendinitis, rotator cuff… not fun. Ten Lined June Beetle available on 12×12 archival paper printed with archival inks. Purchase

June 17 Wedding Day in Santa Barbara, California

Doug and I got to the courthouse steps at 10 til 7. There was no one there. After another half an hour went by people started showing up. We were first through the door. Below you’ll find the first two pictures of my beautiful partner and then the other couples waiting in line to be…