California Quail…Botanical Gardens Santa Barbara

Went to the Botanical Gardens to see how it faired in the fire and was amazed at charred palms coming back and a gorgeous meadow full of flowers surrounded by burned and charred mountains. The California Quail was waiting for us !! Upon consulting the Peterson Western Birds Guide I found that Gambel’s Quail and…

Sea Goddess

The Sea Goddess is finally finished. Happy in her repose. This mosaic was made using ceramic pieces by potter, Mayah Martin (the face, foot and hands and ear) and very small bird and seahorse tiles by were created by Perry. She is 36″x18″.

3 new works for Santa Barbara Arts 1st tHuRsDaY july 3rd

New works are gicleé photographs printed on canvas. Printed by the infamous David Fick in Joshua Tree. Some of the works were manipulated before printing and all were lavished with acrylics and pastels. This is a real departure and fusion evolving and merging mediums. These images were first captured on the Wilcox property on the…

Dolphins on Santa Barbara coastline

This is not seaworld. This is the great Pacific Ocean. The dolphins were swimming and feeding very close to the shore. At times there seemed to be 10 to 20 swimming along. It was a joyous site to see at 7:30 in the morning before my fiancé and I went to Los Angeles for a…

Birds along the Santa Barbara coast.

Was a good day photographing birds just over the cliffs at Wilcox or better known Douglas Family Preserve. Redtail Hawk, Pelican and Woodpecker.