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  1. mrpeenee says:

    How charming, I love the colors, I love the fact that they’re not perfect

    The airport here in San Francisco had a exhibition in one of the terminals of Art Deco tiles and pottery created on Catalina Island that looked alot like this.

  2. magicgroove says:

    Gawd! Look at that little squirrel!!

  3. magentaraven says:

    and I thought you’d like the snake… with it’s little horns 🙂

  4. magicgroove says:

    Any idea who created the tiles/mural?

  5. Judy says:

    Just love these murals. There’s a full image of the “snake” photo in the book Santa Barbara Style but the colors aren’t nearly as vibrant. In fact, I’m using the Snake mural as an inspiration for a custom tile mural I’m designing for a client. Would love to see the whole image of the snake mural for color purposes…can you share?

    1. magentaraven says:

      I’d be happy to… Need to return home first. No prob!

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