What do gay people do?

Let's see?!?! They stitch you up when you go to the emergency room, they delivery your babies, they fly airplanes and drive police cars. Gay people teach your children in school. Gay people are elected officials and lawyers. I'm sure there are gay people working in the grocery store you shop at. There are gay … Continue reading What do gay people do?

4 new images from the WVICA event.

Three new images from the weekend at WVICA event in the high desert. Printing, as we type, three new postcards commemorating the High Desert Test Site weekend and the California Biennial. Click the images to enlarge. Available only thru the artist, $5 gets you all 4 postcards signed, stamped and numbered. Postage included!!! What a … Continue reading 4 new images from the WVICA event.

High Desert test Site at the Wonder Valley Institute Contemptorary Art

Miracles?!?! Disappearing curators at the edge of nowhere in a cabin on the high side of the Sheep Hole Pass in wonderland... the crew shows up at the final hour... miracle. Wonder Valley Institute is living up to the name, WONDER. I must say that Chris Veit's friends REALLY knocked themselves out hanging sheet rock … Continue reading High Desert test Site at the Wonder Valley Institute Contemptorary Art

Polling Training in Santa Barbara, California

I signed up to work this years election. Today I went to the training session. Joseph Holland, County Clerk was there to give us a welcome talk. He said they are expecting a "tsunami of voters" this year. Perhaps 85% turn out. I find this whole process to be somewhat amazing and I am happy … Continue reading Polling Training in Santa Barbara, California

music CAKE and sex

Our neighbor, Lisette's best friend Kim just delivered this cake to us because she read the article on soCalPotters. She thought I should have CAKE !!! Wow!! I am not opening it until my husband gets home... they said it's Red Velvet ! The scarey thing is THEY don't know what we ate last night. … Continue reading music CAKE and sex

Open Studio Tour …Joshua Tree …Wonder Valley

You know you've been meaning to take that trip. A trip to the middle of nowhere. A trip to the desert where the skies are huge, moon and star-filled skies and an openness that can be unsettling and yet so relaxing as you give it all up to the big sky and let it all … Continue reading Open Studio Tour …Joshua Tree …Wonder Valley

Wedding Reception

Well, it's been a long time since I posted anything, except on ravenMAILart...Getting married is time consuming and exhilarating and exhausting. Anyway the images that have been rolling in from the many cameras are now available for viewing on their very own blog. To see the reception pictures, click this California Wedding link. ENJOY !!! … Continue reading Wedding Reception

Mission Alternative Arts Show

This past fourth of July I participated in an annual Santa Barbara show called the 4th of July Old Mission Alternative Art Show. I met a lot of wonderful artists and friendly folk. Here are some pictures of the event and some of my work. Purple and malachite Buddha purchase. Orange and Blue Buddha purchase. … Continue reading Mission Alternative Arts Show