Open Studio Tour …Joshua Tree …Wonder Valley

You know you’ve been meaning to take that trip. A trip to the middle of nowhere. A trip to the desert where the skies are huge, moon and star-filled skies and an openness that can be unsettling and yet so relaxing as you give it all up to the big sky and let it all float off on a cloud. As if you need more of a reason to go, the Open Studio Tour is a chance for you to see the desert and all of it’s interpretations by local artists or bi-coast/dez artists like myself. The connection is in the SAND. There will be a lot of new work in ceramics and mosaics and painted giclée photographs. This year Chris Carraher (alias Jackadandy) will be joining me at my studio in Wonder Valley so people can drive less and SEE more. She will have an amazing body of pastel works on display for your viewing pleasure. Maps of the event are available via Morongo Basin Arts Council and the Art Tours. Just make it a point this year to come out and have an adventure in the desert! Why not?!?!?

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