Tibetan Thangka Painting

A wedding gift from Joseph and Larry in Sonoma.The thangka is from one of the six largest of the monasteries of the Gelukpa sect - the sect of the Dalai Lama. Manjushri:Manjushri (Tibetan: jam pal yang. English: The Glorious One with a Melodious Voice).The bodhisattva that represents the wisdom of all the buddhas of the … Continue reading Tibetan Thangka Painting

Buddha Buddha Buddha

Thank you Shirley, Jill, Lindsley, Gam, Gayle and Joan for the beautiful buddha. Shirley heard me say "We need that buddha for our reception" as we browsed the outdoor little India shop on State Street. Shirley got together with the rest of the girls and her family and bought us the buddha as a wedding … Continue reading Buddha Buddha Buddha

Red Buddha Stamp

This stamp was approved today. It's a photograph of a ceramic buddha head I had exhibited in the Buddhas and Birds show in 29 Palms this past April at The Creative Center. Now it's a stamp, for peace and compassion. Use it on mail art that needs an extra energy lift.

Exhibit in 29 Palms

I believe that pictures do say a lot more than words but I would like to say a few things regarding my recent show in 29 Palms. First of all a BIG thank you to Gretchen for being such a fabulous gallery hostess. Had the walls painted magenta and orange before I even got into … Continue reading Exhibit in 29 Palms