Sea Goddess

The Sea Goddess is finally finished. Happy in her repose. This mosaic was made using ceramic pieces by potter, Mayah Martin (the face, foot and hands and ear) and very small bird and seahorse tiles by were created by Perry. She is 36"x18".

Music Cake and Sex

The blog So Cal Potters that I have had listed under INTERROBANG on my sidebar, has continued to bring interesting people and stories regarding clay and the people that use it together in a fresh and informative manner. Chris McCormick, the creator of So Cal Potters interviewed me over the weekend, via the internet and … Continue reading Music Cake and Sex

double WORKSHOP madness … one HERE … one THERE …

The artist is pondering the idea of having the students help complete a part of the Tile House in the Wonder Valley workshop...

New Mosaic Artwork

Folks, I've been so wrapped up in my lover's arms, I mean wedding plans... I mean workshops, NO WAIT... wedding planning, postal meanderings, eQuality banging and fluxing with the international mail art community, refreshingly, again... that I have not posted some of my art in a while. So here's a brand new piece that I … Continue reading New Mosaic Artwork

8 days a Week. Watts Towers and the Dramatics …wow

I was thinking of posting something about getting married in 8 days. Then I stumbled upon The Dramatics. This is not necessarily a romantic video, but I have, of course a special fondness for Watts Towers and the footage here is priceless and beautiful, so I am kicking off the eight days before marriage with … Continue reading 8 days a Week. Watts Towers and the Dramatics …wow

Buddhas and Birds and Buddhas Abide

Creating a few exciting mosaics incorporating newly created handmade tiles fresh from the kiln. Preparing for two shows in southern California. The first show is on April 5th here in Santa Barbara at The Frameworks Caruso-Woods Contemporary Art Gallery for their annual Buddha Abides show. The second show is a solo exhibition at The 29 … Continue reading Buddhas and Birds and Buddhas Abide

Mosaic Workshop in Santa Barbara June 7 and 8

The workshop will be held from 10 til 4 on Saturday and from 12 til 3 on Sunday. Everyone will leave the workshop with a finished piece. Bring your own broken pottery or broken tile or use what's been collected already from the "boneyard". The Workshop is $175, paypal is preferred... includes all the materials. … Continue reading Mosaic Workshop in Santa Barbara June 7 and 8