7 Days til we get married.

Doug Smith, do you take Perry Hoffman... Here's the music video for the 7th day before the fair, sweet, glorious, historic and loving day...No one can take our love away. Certificate or not. We have love. I give you Barry White and Pavarotti singing together, You're the First, the Last, My Everything... And yes, I … Continue reading 7 Days til we get married.

bug in my ear

A new collage reminiscent of the 80's color xerox phase I was once deeply entrenched in. You might call this a Quflux. Also posted in a new site/group I was invited to join, via the European mailArt commmunity, called fluxLISTeurope. The original russian stamp can be seen at magentALTERego... possibly where the raven sleeps at … Continue reading bug in my ear

Dolphins on Santa Barbara coastline

This is not seaworld. This is the great Pacific Ocean. The dolphins were swimming and feeding very close to the shore. At times there seemed to be 10 to 20 swimming along. It was a joyous site to see at 7:30 in the morning before my fiancé and I went to Los Angeles for a … Continue reading Dolphins on Santa Barbara coastline

Red Buddha Stamp

This stamp was approved today. It's a photograph of a ceramic buddha head I had exhibited in the Buddhas and Birds show in 29 Palms this past April at The Creative Center. Now it's a stamp, for peace and compassion. Use it on mail art that needs an extra energy lift.

Annie Sprinkle blesses queer stamp by magentaRaven

I emailed Annie Sprinkle yesterday because I knew she had just got married again and again and again and plans to wed again, with the same person 🙂 She wrote me back to my surprise, as celebrities often don't write back. So, today I asked for her blessing on the new queerly gay stamp that … Continue reading Annie Sprinkle blesses queer stamp by magentaRaven

The Road to Wonder Valley

WOW. Thank you to Massif Pictures for a beautiful clip of a beautiful place with so many beautiful people... REALLY... To view the trailer click on the Road to Wonder Valley Trailer. For those who don't know, I was interviewed last year for a film, about the artists that are living in the high desert. … Continue reading The Road to Wonder Valley

New Book, Eight Years in Wonder Valley

MagentaRaven is publishing a new book, printed on semi matte paper, entitled 8 Years in Wonder Valley.38 of the best photographs from eight years of documentation by yours truly,  Perry Hoffman Images of wild birds, owls, coyotes, scorpions, snakes and rusty metal... and fire. I have just emailed friends with a special first publication price of $25 … Continue reading New Book, Eight Years in Wonder Valley

No Visuals

Just getting the network hooked up. Moving caN BE stressful... we have been going NONstop...painting...planting...unboxing. I find myself in a tropical and exotic landscape that is both intoxicating and compelling, alluring and elevating...green... ocean... dogs running on the beach... DOGS on the roof... (pictures coming soon) 58/72 sun/blue...happy Orange Kitty and sublime dogs. Still unpacking..unravelling... … Continue reading No Visuals