Front Page Santa Barbara News Press

This morning our neighbor called over to us, to tell us she put our picture from the paper in our mailbox. Click the newspaper for a larger image. For more wedding pictures click this.

Santa Barbara Acorn Woodpecker

Yesterday from Valerio and Calle Poniente was a Jackaranda tree full of woodpeckers. I caught this one eating an insect.

New Book, Eight Years in Wonder Valley

MagentaRaven is publishing a new book, printed on semi matte paper, entitled 8 Years in Wonder Valley. 38 of the best photographs from eight years of documentation by yours truly,  Perry Hoffman   Images of wild birds, owls, coyotes, scorpions, snakes and rusty metal… and fire.   I have just emailed friends with a special…

Crows and Oranges

Today I saw a crow fly by our house with an orange in it’s bill. Looked rather odd. It then landed on the telephone poll with its orange.

Cacti in Santa Barbara

A beautiful garden blooms in Santa Barbara on Clearview. The days are brisk and SUNNY. The sky is blue. Winter at the beach in California .  


My neighbors here have beautiful epiphytes growing and blooming over the fence… lucky me… lucky us… Not only do they smell incredible and look incredible, they don’t photograph too poorly eiher. Thanks Sheridan!! for planting the beautiful garden. Curious about epiphytes? < click that.