Ten Lined June Beetle

Found in the parking lot of Urgent Care, where I took my husband this morning, diagnosis, tendinitis, rotator cuff… not fun. Ten Lined June Beetle available on 12×12 archival paper printed with archival inks. Purchase

Owl from the Oasis of Mara

This is an image of mine that never went to press. I have printed it as a 30×30 canvas and also on archival 12×12 matte photo paper. I just ordered some of these postcards myself thru zazzle. I was very impressed with the quality and feel of the cards.

Homosexuality Common in the Wild, Scientists Say

FOXNEWS.COM HOME > SCITECH Homosexuality Common in the Wild, Scientists Say Monday, May 19, 2008 By Clara Moskowitz As gay couples celebrate their newfound right to marry in California and opposition groups rally to fight the ruling, many struggle with this question: Is homosexuality natural? On this issue, Nature has spoken: Same-sex lovin’ is common…

Buddhas and Birds and Buddhas Abide

Creating a few exciting mosaics incorporating newly created handmade tiles fresh from the kiln. Preparing for two shows in southern California. The first show is on April 5th here in Santa Barbara at The Frameworks Caruso-Woods Contemporary Art Gallery for their annual Buddha Abides show. The second show is a solo exhibition at The 29…

New Book, Eight Years in Wonder Valley

MagentaRaven is publishing a new book, printed on semi matte paper, entitled 8 Years in Wonder Valley. 38 of the best photographs from eight years of documentation by yours truly,  Perry Hoffman   Images of wild birds, owls, coyotes, scorpions, snakes and rusty metal… and fire.   I have just emailed friends with a special…

Crows and Oranges

Today I saw a crow fly by our house with an orange in it’s bill. Looked rather odd. It then landed on the telephone poll with its orange.


Just came back from a ten day trip to Kaua’i.  Lizards, orchids on the Napali Coast. Common Mynahs and Wild Hydrangeas…and tropical deserted cabins.  

Dragonfly in the House

This dragonfly was trying to get outside. He kept flying into the window, buzzing, but not getting results. I asked if I could photograph him on his way out. It was a good exit to freedom…first a few poses and then…fly… dragonfly…