my n€w ßooks A√AILAßLE at blurb

I have updated my side bar to show my new books. I have eliminated the soft cover option as I simply did not like them. The hard cover version is the joie de vivre... check it out, I even lowered the price to $25.

My latest book called “All the OTHER photographs”

My third book is out. Have a look at the colour extravaganza.

NoVeM߀® is already here.

You might have wondered, did I fall off the face of the earth? Hence NOctober posts. After taking first prize at Metro Galleries in Bakersfield in September at Latination II ...October was there, waiting for me...telling me to prepare for the Hwy 62 Art Tours, firing the kiln when ever possible and creating thirteen new … Continue reading NoVeM߀® is already here.

HWY 62 Art Tours October 23rd and 24th

Hello All, This is my 9th year participating in the annual Hwy 62 Art Tours. It is a great pleasure this year to share my studio space with Mayah Martin who has influenced me when she reawakened the clay spirit in me and also reawakened the buddha nature and the breadth and depth of understanding … Continue reading HWY 62 Art Tours October 23rd and 24th

Piece going to the Latination Show in Bakersfield

I am excited about a new piece I have entered into the Latination Show in Bakersfield at The Metro Galleries. With all the oranges and fruit it must be an homage to the farm workers in California. Color is the place I have always connected with Latin culture as well as the music. The opportunity … Continue reading Piece going to the Latination Show in Bakersfield

Summer mØsaic work∫hop in ∫anta ßarbara

Come join me for an exciting and SMASHING time in ∫anta ßarßara making a mosaic from all the broken pieces… Be guided and inspired with Perry’s experience and color sense… you’ll be ON your WAY !!! Only $150 for a two day workshop, lunch included on Saturday. Finished by noon on Sunday with a finished … Continue reading Summer mØsaic work∫hop in ∫anta ßarbara