HWY 62 Art Tours October 23rd and 24th

Hello All, This is my 9th year participating in the annual Hwy 62 Art Tours. It is a great pleasure this year to share my studio space with Mayah Martin who has influenced me when she reawakened the clay spirit in me and also reawakened the buddha nature and the breadth and depth of understanding and compassion in this earthly realm we find ourselves. Over the last few years nearly all my mosaic pieces became altars and incense burning vehicles. If you seek colour, passion or buddha, you will find it at the Tile House this year when we exhibit our clay buddhas and bowls, clay seahorses and birds, tiles and a myriad of mosaics to make your eyes spin. You won’t be disappointed. The rest of the Hwy Art Tour is also amazing and fun. There are so many high desert artists hiding behind desert creosote, just waiting to inspire and awaken your spirit, by sharing their beauty and light with you.
I highly recommend that you visit my neighbor, Bob Arnett on Allen Rd. and Mita Barter and her quirky and alluring assemblages in rusty sardine cans… and her husband Allen Barter sculpture is a wonder. Stroll down to the Creative Center and see Gretchen Grunt’s print making and also works by local artists in her gallery located there at her studio, like Mikal Winn. There are really too many people to name them all… Go see Janet Braley, Mike Smiley, or Anna Michelle Houghton. Again, TOO many to list all here. The program this year is free!!! Whoopee!!! Comes with a map to the artists studios. For 20 bucks a limited edition Portfolio including a cd featuring local desert artists like Eric Burdon (YES!! of the Animals) The Sibley’s, Gram RaBBit as well as visuals in print with some of the featured artists work. WOW !!!
and then there is our treasure, Joshua Tree National Park !!! Go take a walk!!! Raven.

HWY 62 Art Tours

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